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The Gloria Record

For a few years in the middle of the '90s, Austin's Mineral was the premier emo outfit of the South. As so often seems to be the case with such groups, their lifespan was short, but after their breakup, vocalist/guitarist Chris Simpson and bassist Jeremy Gomez moved on to a new project, The Gloria Record, and picked up where they'd left off. The group, rounded out by drummer Matt Hammon and guitarist Brian Hubbard, continued to explore the same spacious, midtempo angst as Mineral, but added just a bit of jangly acoustic rootsiness, a la REM, and a bit more shoegazer dreariness, a la Red House Painter. After a 1998 eponymous debut LP, organ and synth player Ben Houtman joined the group, giving The Gloria Record's soaring, tangled dirges a little extra haunted spaciness, a la Antarctica. The revamped quintet issued the "Grace, the Snow Is Here" seven-inch in 1998, then returned in 2000 with another EP, A Lull in Traffic, which you can find the title track and "Miserere."

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