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The Gimmicks

The Gimmicks play the kind of furious, demonic rock you might associate with burning churches, midnight sacrifices at abandoned crossroads, and unwise deals with the devil. The music is profoundly apocalyptic -- not the apocalypse of the cyber or nuclear future, but a more Baptist, Old Testament kind. It's hard to know whether you're listening to an exorcism or the summoning of evil spirits, and it may in fact be both. The rhythms are huge and fast, the guitars strangled and raw, and singer Mark Starr's yelps and hollers are barely recognizable as a human voice. More than anyone else, the Gimmicks recall the vitriolic intensity of the early Stooges, though you can also hear traces of The Birthday Party in the band's hard-driving sound. "Strung Out" and "Kissin' off the Truth" come from the band's ominously titled 2000 release, Honeymoon's Over.

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