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The Galactic Heroes

These guys are one of the pop-popiest bands I have heard in a while. Since forming while recording a spoof CD about monsters, Mike Lockard and Rickey Cancro have funneled their talent into a project that is now known as The Galactic Heroes. In the southern wilds of South Carolina these two gentlemen shared an obsession for catchy tunes and Ms. Pac-Man. As we all know, once you play one laundromat video game, you tend to start playing more laundromat video games. You end up wasting all of your quarters on Galaga and never on your dirty, filthy, stinky socks. Once this dynamic duo achieved a high score in Galaga, they discovered that the top four scorers are known as Galactic Heroes. They may not have gotten their laundry done, but at least they came up with a band name.

How About San Francisco? was recorded in honor of a cross-country trip across the USA in the golden year of 1999. The songs on this disc give you a glimpse of the band's experiences at various points in their trip. This effort is chock full of harmonization, layered instrumentation and sweet-tart flavored vocals. The truth of it is, if you can include kazoos, a heart-shaped box, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a drain, a physics book, and a "cup of laundry change" on your list of instruments, you are serious business.

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