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The Frustrators

Only the most recent in a long and noble line of fun, loose, raggedy pop-punk outfits from the fun, loose, raggedy pop-punk Mecca of Alameda County (for those unfamiliar, that's Berkeley and Oakland, home of Operation Ivy, Green Day, Rancid, and that infamous club at 924 Gilman Street). It's not quite the same style of pop-punk as those bands; rather than spiking the punch with a little ska, The Frustrators bring some subtle country and rockabilly influences to the table, and there's maybe a little less Clash influence here and a little more Ramones. But however we try to define their sound, the fact remains that The Frustrators play some ultra-catchy, hard-driving, silly-as-hell (check out their song "The Great Australian Midget Toss") punk rock that gets in your head and under your skin.

The Frustrators are singer Jason Chandler, drummer Art Tedeschi (both former members of the evocatively named Violent Anal Death), guitarist/singer Terry Linehan, and bassist/singer Mike Dirnt (you know him from Green Day). They put out their first record, Bored in the USA (that's right, move over Boss) on Billie Joe Armstrong's Adeline label in 2000. That's where you'll find the featured "Then She Walked Away."

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