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The Forest Fires Collective

Edison Victrola and Feller Quentin, the men who form the hip hop duo The Latter, have traded in their old pseudonyms for some new, equally creative ones -- Hard Gel and Smif Carnivorous -- and have brought in some of their freaky friends Sim, Prego w/ Zest, Mad Squirrel, and Dr. Lester for some more madcap freestyle madness. The Forest Fires Collective tosses off short, extremely strange, manic tracks full of cheerful vocal samples, hard headnodding drum machine beats, hints of '70s funk and soul, scraps of spy movie music, sheer noise, and hilarious free association rapping. The tracks segue bluntly into one another without much regard for beginnings and endings; everything is just spontaneous, messy craziness.

"In My Zone," "Super Raps," and "Vegan BBQ" are from the Collective's self-titled debut album while "Ask Who to Ask," "Go Find the Blaze," and "Sim's Bloodlust" are from their sophomore release, You Can't See.

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