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The Fever

Transplanted New Yorkers The Fever have definitely gotten into a New York state of mind, summoning the classic vim of New Wave and the unassailable vigor of post-punk, with more than a dash of straight-up rock and roll elan. You can't understand much of what Gasper Jeremy is singing (squawking, yelping, growling), but damned if you're not shouting along to The Fever's manic runaway choruses. Those sassy organ lines seem plucked from Suicide's Lower East Side, while their guitar lines can slash like Gang of Four or snarl like the Voivoids. But if you're going to name-check, The Fever's blend of glamour and dirt, melody and dissonance, caffeinated hysteria and bluesy desperation, feel more like a modern day Gun Club than anyone else -- and that's high praise indeed. The quintet's excellent debut EP Pink on Pink came out in 2003. The Fever are notorious for their frenetic live show -- don't miss them when they come to your neighborhood.

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