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The Feelings

The Feelings seem to have gotten a raw deal. Though they were one of the most creative and saucy indie bands to come out of Portland in the early '90s, the band is usually mentioned only in reference to its members' other projects (which include the No-Nos, Built To Spill, G. America, and the The Halo Benders). This is a shame, because none of those bands -- not even the devilish Halo Benders -- come close to combining goofiness and melody as artfully as The Feelings did. However, after releasing two records for Pop Secret/Darla (1996's Especially for You and 1997's Dearling Darling), the band dissolved.

Enter Boise, Idaho's Coming in Second Records, which recognized the need to reacquaint indie rockers with The Feelings. The Feelings Jammers and Zac Love Remixes the Feelings contains 10 Feelings songs: five unreleased songs which appear in their original form and five previously released songs that have been remixed by Portland DJ Zac Love. The result is a combination of sprightly, off-kilter indie pop gems and ethereal, dubby, beat-laden remixes that provide an interesting perspective on a great band.

"Our Love" is a slightly deranged, simple, quirky pop song that drips with British influence and New Wave shine. So-called "microphonist" Tim Seiwerratch, who sounds like a laconic Ian Curtis, gets help from backup vocalists Ralf Youtz and Jason Traeger. The Casio keyboard whirls away in a frenzy, the drums pound, and the guitars shimmer through five minutes of toe-tapping, heart-lifting music.

"Friends Rock and Roll" is a herky-jerky chug-a-riffic pop-punk explosion that lays on the beats and the notes and begs you to shimmy along. Get with it already!

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