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The Farewell Bend

The Farewell Bend execute their first full length in clarifying terms: Straight forward and with story book quality. The Farewell Bend arises out of the demise of Boy's Life. Both Brandon Butler and John Rejba, who played in Boys Life, and drummer Paul Ackerman (ex-Giant's Chair) comprise the trio. Kansas City bred, The Farewell Bend thrives in a direction with a familiar sound.

This record is palatable in the realm of sound that invokes an assault on the mundane pop rock that exists today. The sound heard here carries with it a feel of the once possessed strong hold bands from the vibrant Mid-West maintained. As Brandon Butler the front man so eloquently puts it, "It's not a happy, smile, pop, shit record... it rocks you." Guitar driven with three well chosen chords the music is up front and attacking: a complete departure from evasiveness and with melody. The bass underlines the rhythmic elements while the drumming is hammering at times.

After touring extensively their sound illuminates the cohesive elements of strength and maturity. This record aims to please those who enjoy effective song writing while maintaining a sense of comfort in the almighty power of barbecue eatin' rock music. Hail the Mid-West sound!!

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