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The Fairways

San Francisco quintet The Fairways are all about making pop music delicious. Their songs really do sound good enough to eat: sweet but tart, tender but firm. Their dreamy, ethereal melodies float through the clear blue skies of your consciousness like lazy cirrus clouds on a slow Sunday afternoon, leaving you wanting nothing more than to stay where you are, feeling the way you feel, forever. It will only take a single listen for their golden vocals, delicate guitars, and lilting rhythms to be permanently embedded in your consciousness.

Including current and former members of Skypark, Month of Sundays, and The Aislers Set, The Fairways have been playing together since early 1998. They?ve released a seven-inch and a full-length CD, Is Everything All Right?, on Paris Caramel Records. The featured "Winter Song" comes from a four-song split CDEP The Fairways recorded with Japanese pop confectioners Three Berry Icecream. The Fairways will appeal to fans of Belle and Sebastian, The Aislers Set, and all things twee.