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The Explosion

We had a hard time finding anyone to write about The Explosion because everyone felt so compelled to pump their fists in the air while listening, which makes typing difficult. To put it simply, this band kicks ass. Though this Boston five-piece is comprised of guys who were probably in diapers (if they were even born yet) when punk broke in the late '70s, they'd sound terrific on a bill with The Buzzcocks, Stiff Little Fingers, and The Adicts. Which isn't to say the band doesn't sound fresh or current; the fact is The Explosion would sound awesome no matter what year you were listening to them in. To call these short, relentlessly aggressive, just barely melodic punk rock songs "rousing" would be a colossal understatement. With their rifle-fast drumming, twin seething guitars, tough-as-hell bass, and oppositional, anthemic, profanity-laced vocals, The Explosion challenges you to sit still in your chair. Don't bother trying -- you can't.

The band got going in late 1998 when guitarist Dave Walsh, bassist Damian Genuardi, and singer Matt Hock -- all childhood friends -- recruited drummer Dan Colby and guitarist Sam Cave from other bands. Soon they had a six-song demo, which promptly turned into a self-titled debut EP on Jade Tree (it features "Hero"). In 2000, they came back with a follow-up full-length, the rough, fast, and tough Flash Flash Flash, featuring "Conniption Fit." Straight-up punk doesn't get any better than The Explosion.

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