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The Dying Californian

Most followers of the West Coast indie hardcore scene in the late '90s were enamored with Santa Cruz's Nuzzle. Their live show was not to be missed and their string of releases proved vital to many, especially their final album San Lorenzo's Blues, released in 1999 on Troubleman Unlimited. After the four members of Nuzzle moved to Los Angeles, they found their influences and direction evolving. After undergoing a musical transformation, the group decided upon a name change to The Dying Californian. The new name is quite telling of the band's new sound, which features dreary rootsy ballads mixed with classic California pop. Their sound and influence has definitely matured to beyond the conventions of indie rock, though that remains an element. The Dying Californian's debut release is a six-song EP on Turn Records and features melodies now based on an older, more Bob Dylan-meets-The Beach Boys musical paradigm.

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