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The Dudley Corporation

Pip, Dudley, and Joss comprise Dublin, Ireland's The Dudley Corporation. These three lads construct bloody charming indie pop, with new nods to classics, bringing a bit of sultry UK gloom and style to the attention deficit disorder indie rock approach first conjured far across the pond in distant locales like Boston and Chapel Hill.

Their debut album, The Lonely World of..., was recorded by Andy Miller at the Chemikal Underground Studio in Glasgow and released in late 2002 on Chicago's Flameshovel Records after being released in the UK by Scientific Laboratories Records. The album starts with a hailstorm of bright guitar chords changing directions over posh vocal melodies and ricocheting drum swells and accents. As time progresses The Lonely World of... disapates into a section of lovely ballads. Its most endearing moments plow back into more mapped herks and jerks. With the band's sophomore effort In Love With The Dudley Corporation appearing in the UK, again on Scientific Laboratories, The Corporation's hostile takeovers may very well tug at the heart a bit more.

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