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The Drum

Known as China Drum for ten years, the U.K.'s The Drum has opted to reinvent themselves with a name change (apparently the old name reminded them too much of '80s Brit popsters China Crisis). With the new name comes a revamped sound, a more complicated (dare we say mature?) take on China Drum?s restless, driving H?sker D?-inspired post-punk. As before, the centerpiece of their sound is the almighty hugeness of the electric guitar, and with an arsenal of effects -- not to mention some brutally powerful rhythms -- it just sounds even huger here. Add in some electronics, impassioned vocals, and a surprisingly varied emotional palette, and you?ve got yourself a pretty awesome rock band.

Under their old moniker, The Drum put out two full-lengths -- 1996?s Goose Fair and 1998?s Self-Made Maniac -- and a whole bunch of seven-inches. "Reasons" and "HK" can both be found on The Drum?s 2000 release, Diskin.

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