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The Dropscience

The previous backgrounds of the five members of The Dropscience tell us a lot about the group and their approach to songwriting. These former members of Clikatat Ikatowi, The Trans Megetti, The Passenger Train Proposal, and Camera Obscura each contribute a portion of what they've done before. Their output is mathy post-punk with songs that stretch and wind, so that a single song often seems like two or three. The style and tone of The Dropscience's drums and guitars and some of their vocals sometimes recall June of 44. The bass lines hint at Fugazi. The mood throughout indicates the band's respect for fellow San Diego residents Clikatat Ikatowi. In fact Clikatat vocalist C Goldsby makes a guest appearance on The Dropscience's debut album Experimenting With Contrast, which was recorded with Gar Wood of Tanner and The Hot Snakes. By amalgamating the aforementioned influences and backgrounds, The Dropscience has moved into interesting new territory without forsaking a point of reference in the San Diego sound. The album surprises and impresses with performances that veer in unexpected directions but never falling off course.