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The Denison Kimball Trio

Well, you certainly wouldn't expect sounds like these given the Denison/Kimball Trio's members' past resumes. The so-called trio is actually a duo, featuring the titular Denison and Kimball. The former, guitarist Duane, was one of the founding members of noisy alterna-giants The Jesus Lizard; the latter, percussionist James, served with the slop-punk outfit Mule. So naturally enough, with this project, the duo explores idiosyncratic experimental ambience. Go figure. Their style is a sort of second cousin once or twice removed to elegant cool jazz. The atmospheres are plush and refined, the instrumentation minimal, the tempos restrained, the mood languid. But let's be clear -- we're talking about the sounds of a fuzzy electric guitar and bongo-heavy percussion, here.

If the Denison/Kimball Trio's repetitive, jazzy licks sound a bit cinematic to you, there's a reason for that. The "trio" came together to create the soundtrack to an indie flick called Walls in the City starring Jesus Lizard main madman David Yow; their 1994 debut album bears the same name and features "Cold Light of Day." The Denison/Kimball Trio would go on to release a second album, Soul Machine, featuring celebrity guests Reg Schrader on bass, The Jesus Lizard's David Sims on keys, and the ubiquitous Ken Vandermark on saxophone.