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The Cubby Creatures

In order to understand the music of the Cubby Creatures, you need to first understand their worldview. The boys and girl who make up the group subscribe to a fundamental life principle called the "cubby," which is central to their philosophy of "revolution through inspired living." Their mission is to disseminate this philosophy through music and produce "cubby awareness" in all those who listen.

All right, so what does it all sound like? The Creatures use a basic guitar, bass, and drums setup, plus clarinet, keyboards, violin, and assorted samples to create complicated, densely layered, cheerfully surreal music characterized by unexpected juxtapositions and inversions -- see "Up Song," featuring the line, "Somebody said the world's gonna end/So pick out your clothes and pack up your friends." That somehow exemplifies the Cubby Creatures. You might hear some of the eccentric pop of vintage Kinks, some of the inspired art-damaged lo-fi psychedelia of the Elephant Six Collective (The Olivia Tremor Control, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Apples in Stereo et al), and some of the inspired madness of Captain Beefheart. But then there's always that violin, which gives all the upbeat weirdness a folky, dirgelike edge.

If you feel the cubbiness, you'll want to purchase the Creatures debut full-length album The Blessed Invention, which features "Up Song," "Amorphous Love Song," and "Sexual Buddha." You'll also want The Cubby Collective's sophomore album Who Remembers Kathy Barra?, which features "Kathy Barra" and "Knitting Bee." You may also want to read the infamous Cubby Missalette, the collective's zine. To join the First Interdependent Non-Discriminatory Happily Revolutionary Fellowship of Cubby Faithful, e-mail the Cubby crew at