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The Crabs

Portland, Oregon's The Crabs make pop songs so catchy they deserve their own special dance moves. Jonn Lunsford (guitar, vocals), Lisa Jackson (drums, vocals), and Sarah Dougher (organ, vocals) seamlessly blend their voices and enthusiasm, crafting music that is sweet and clever without being cloying or precious.

The Crabs, originally a guitar and drums duo, recorded their first tape, Christmas with the Crabs in 1992. They have since released singles and albums on Knw-Yr-Own, Soda Girl, and K Records.

Lunsford's initial thought when forming The Crabs was to play drums in a surf band. Well, now he plays guitar, and the songs are more pop than surf, but The Crabs certainly uphold the free-spirited, fun feeling of a barefoot scurry down the beach. Not all of their songs are so happy-go-lucky, however: they also write achingly tender, plaintive love songs. But from pop to pout, The Crabs are clearly having fun, and their joy is infectious.