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The Causey Way

On the surface of things, The Causey Way seems like just a rock band. Well, perhaps, not "just" a rock band: a willfully bizarre, relentlessly eclectic rock band whose music often sounds like a sentient science experiment in which whimsical machines have become masters of the humans who once controlled them. But a rock band, nonetheless. In point of fact, however, The Causey Way is a full-fledged phenomenon, a benevolent cult surrounding the titular Causey, apparently a deity of almost mythic proportions who does much of the group's singing, along with his female cohort, The Truth.

All right, all right, whether you find the gimmick charming or irritating, it's hard not to be taken in by The Causey Way's elastic synth-punk, which couples the bubbly robot pop of early new wave bands like Devo with the darker, more paranoid side of new wave, a la Tubeway Army, and the anger and tension of punk rock, throwing a whole lot of wacked-out eccentricity into the mix. The Florida-based Causey collective claims as many as 17 rotating members (along with countless followers), including members of Man or Astro-man? and The Rock*A*Teens. The group has recorded rather prolifically since their 1999 inception, issuing an EP, 2000's Testimony, and three LPs, With Loving and Open Arms (1999), WWCD (2000), and Causey Vs. Everything (2001). The featured cuts all appear on Causey Vs. Everything.

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