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The Cassettes

You might guess from their name that The Cassettes were a retro-minded bunch, but their sound actually hearkens back to the heyday of vinyl more than to the era of the audiotape, recalling the sunny, rambunctious flavor of power pop legends like Badfinger, The Rasberries, and the Artful Dodger. In their case, that jangly, blissfully na?ve approach comes by way of the '90s DC punk scene, in much the same fashion that Chisel offered a fresh indie rock update on the classic mod-rock style of The Jam. The Cassettes' raw energy spills over the edges of every song like boiling water from a pot as they offer an exuberant demonstration of the reason multiple guitars, bass, and drums will always remain the foundation of rock and roll.

The genesis of the Cassettes can be found in its early origins, as the four-track side project of Shelby Cinca, leader of the chaotic DC hardcore band Frodus. Soon though, Cinca recruited his high school friend Steven Kille of Dead Meadow (and formerly of The Impossible Five) to play bass, Kille's girlfriend Jennifer Potter to play rhythm guitar and sing backup, and Stephen McCarty of Weird War to play drums. The group recorded and released their self-titled debut record in 2002, an enjoyably basic set of warm, optimistic fuzz-pop rockers.