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The Cancer Conspiracy

The darting keyboards and pinpoint drums of Greg Beadle, the scaling guitars of Daryl Rabidoux, and the rumbling adhesive bass of Brent Frattini comprise Burlington, Vermont's The Cancer Conspiracy. The trio's spacey nuevo prog rock is as daunting as the premise of their name, which comes from an alleged medical industry plan to cover up the cure for cancer to make money. The Cancer Conspiracy is undoubtedly influenced by '70s progressive rock combos such as King Crimson and Yes, and more recent indie contributors to the movement like Don Caballero. The Cancer Conspiracy doesn't just use prog as part of their framework, their first full-length The Audio Medium stretches as a single long composition that can be divided into smaller subsections or songs. The different sections range from contemporary post-rock to mathematic post-punk, with various atmospheric lulls spanning between. The flowing works of The Cancer Conspiracy and their many ideas fit together cohesively, helping write a new chapter of instrumental progression.

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