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The Boom

The sound here is an undiluted soulful blues exploration, and a departure in approach from their last record. An instrumental effort all the way and executed with a live quality. Maturity is evident, as well as a more in depth look in to the capabilities that this collective of thought has.

Evolving around a swirl of alto sax, a rather meaty guitar feel, trumpet, trombone, heavy and soulful beat executed drumming and a prominent role with the rhythm of the bass what is evident is a feel that resembles a mood of vibrancy. These gentlemen do not hold back with their structured looseness and unadulterated feel for the blues.

In need of something to unleash the rhythm and soul within yourself? The Boom fulfills that need on this record. As Fred Erskine, who spends his time between The Boom and June of 44 asserts, "My friends and I have gotten together and made a good record, and I think people will enjoy it."

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