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The Bobbyteens

The Bobbyteens know they're retro and they don't make any apologies for it. They're just doing what they enjoy doing and that's playing trebly four-chord punk pop songs with sassy, snotty vocals and buzzing guitars that sound like hedge trimmers. Like fellow female Ramones nostalgists The Donnas, The Bobbyteens celebrate the simple pleasures or rock and roll with fun melodies, good hooks, lots of noise, and more-or-less inane lyrics on basic teenage themes -- in short, all the time-proven essentials to make sure your parents won't like it. To be perfectly accurate, only three of the Teens are female: vocalist Tina Lucchesi, guitarist Lisa Schenberg, and bassist Dannielle Pimm. Drummer Russell Quan provides the beats. These kids have been putting out singles since '96. They have two LPs to their crdit: Fast Livin' & Rock 'N' Roll ('99) and Not So Sweet ('00), the latter of which features "Liquid Love" and "I'm Alright."

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