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The Bees

The Bees are a wacky pair of genre pirates from the Isle of Wight named Paul Butler and Aaron Fletcher who do whatever it takes to create the kind of mellow honey-warm buzz best enjoyed three sheets to the wind on a hot summer afternoon. They take the smooth, carefully orchestrated sound of '70s AM radio, stir in some light Latin influences, some slinky funk, a touch of reggae. Think a lo-fi, bedroom-pop new-century version of Steely Dan with shades of Os Mutantes (the track "A Minha Menina" is actually an Os Mutantes cover), The Upsetters, and the Ohio Players. The duo issued their six-song debut EP, Punchbag, in the summer of 2001 on the Wall of Sound imprint We Love You. They followed the next year with the Sunshine Hit Me LP, which featured much of the material on the EP.

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