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The 90 Day Men

Three lads from Chicago by way of St. Louis ask: Do you remember that slow motion effect right before you hit that car in front of you? Imagine if you were an engineer of a speeding locomotive and that car you hit...well, it was a Boeing 757. The 90 Day Men provide the soundtrack to such an unlikely disaster -- so enjoy the ride!

Angular guitar collides with bass, which glides through the deepest dub rhythms on these blasted shores. A drum kit fights against these heavy chords and pulses. Snide, spite-filled vocals, sometimes screamed, sometimes rhythmically spoken, pull you in circles till you're so dizzy you fall to the floor. All of this trio's pieces masterfully balance violence and restraint with their utterly unique mix of dubby reverb, jazzy riffing, discordant math rock complexity, and unsettling sounds and effects. All the puzzle pieces seem ragged and inexplicably shaped, yet somehow they fit together with the other pieces. The 90 Day Men's releases will be treasures for those who enjoy the twisted stylings of June of 44, Slint, Trenchmouth, or El Guapo.

The trio's first effort was a seven-inch titled "If You Can Bake a Cake, You Can Build a Bomb." Shortly after, they released a self-titled debut EP (1998) on Temporary Residence, a sometimes dizzying five-song foray into discordant complexity, as evidenced by the raw, repetitive slashing of "My Trip to Venus" and the intricate, enigmatic "Hey, Citronella!" Their 2000 Southern full-length, (It (Is) It) Critical Band, delivered on the promise of the first, bringing still bigger and better disasters. Also in 2000, The 90 Day Men released a superb split album with Gogogo Airheart, which features "Methodist," an arresting track featuring bile-filled vocals and needle-nosed guitar.