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Terra Deva

Many consider San Francisco's prodigious music scene to be one of the most progressive and diverse in the world. Singer, songwriter, and producer Terra Deva -- the passionate and sinewy new artist on Om Records -- can only strengthen that presumption. Boasting vocal creations that resonate with tremendous soul, backed by an intoxicating soundtrack of hauntingly beautiful drum and bass, Terra's debut album, Pulled Apart, can only be described as future soul.

Deva was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, with brief stays in both Florida and Los Angeles, and was nurtured in a very musical household. She began singing when she was four while a member of children's theater. At eight years old, Deva picked up the violin and has since blossomed into a singer, songwriter, and producer. It is Deva's diverse history as an artist (she has recorded with artists ranging from Bugs to Charles Webster to Elton John) that has taken her everywhere from the realms of deep house to the world of drum and bass and dubbed out downtempo fuzz.

From the cinematic firebrand of "Lethal" to the soulful desires expressed in "Inside," Deva's album will amaze you with its breathtaking splendor. The songs flirt with ghostly echoes of past jazz singers, albeit in a wholly new musical context.

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