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Tennis is an ongoing collaborative project between Benge (Ben Edwards) and Si-{Cut}.db (Douglas Benford), both of whom have established solo careers. The two come together to "explore digital and electro-acoustic sounds and rhythms combined with 21st century audio software."

Ben Edwards started Benge in 1995 and released a number of CDs on his own label, Expanding Records. In 1999, Sub Rosa released Benge's The Very Best of..., and in 2000, Silicon Valleys. Expanding Records has continued to, er, expand, and Benge continues to explore the world of abstract electronic music with releases from Volume, Digital Muppet, Munk, and more.

Si-{Cut}.db is just one of many monikers of London's Douglas Benford. Under the names Radial Blend, Phoenix Jig, and Pantunes Music & Media Form, Benford's records range from drum and bass to dub to abstract. He's released three albums as Si-{Cut}.db on his own Sprawl label, and has worked with or remixed Scanner, Saint Etienne, Janek Schaffer, Momus, Add N to (X), and more.

Europe on Horseback is Tennis's first release for BiP-HOp, following an album on Cologne's ElectroChemicalResearch. "Civic Halo" and "Self-Seal Mishap," both from Europe on Horseback, reflect the duo's interest in dub and the complex and sometimes harsh realm of abstract beats. This release elevates Tennis to the level of abstract dub pioneers Pole, Monolake, and Thomas Brinkmann.