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Japanese noise punk outfit Teengenerate was a hair-raisingly dangerous experiment in sheer speed, razor-edged guitar violence, and appallingly low sound fidelity. In fact the quality of their recordings is so poor, the fuzz almost feels like another instrument; sort of like what gravel might sound like if it could talk. There are human vocals buried somewhere in the mix, courtesy of lead singer Fink, though the words are impossible to discern. Instead they sound a bit like the righteously indignant wordless ranting of a street corner schizophrenic who by some miracle of fate has managed to recruit a schizophrenic rock and roll band to keep him company out in the cold.

The rest of the group included guitarist and backup vocalist Fifi, bassist Sammy, and drummer Shoe (who replaced original drummer Suck). Now defunct, Teengenerate was responsible for numerous bleeding ears during the mid '90s, when they regularly waged rock and roll war onstage and on the seven-inch slabs of vinyl they released with remarkable frequency.

"My GTO" comes from the band's 1994 Let's Go to the Top 10-inch, later re-released with additional material as Savage!!! on SFTRI. The band put out two other albums -- 1994's Get Action and 1995's Audio Recording -- as well as an extensive singles collection on Estrus Records, Smash Hits.