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Technicolor is the one-man soundscaping company, Justin Labo. He's responsible for a diverse collection of downtempo, breakbeat, and techno gems. Labo's creations have a trademark ambient quality, always underpinned by lurking, ominous bass rhythms and filtered, phased-out sounds, always in motion. This is the sound of one man and his machines in the twilight between a clear, sunny day and an all-night techno party. An XLR8R magazine review of the debut Technicolor album, One Touch Test Strip, contained this now-famous quote: "I like this album, if only for its complete lack of adherence to 'dance music' stylings. Purists beware, music lovers recommended."

"On The Bottom" and "Running" are from the Normal Control Range: Bliss Out Vol. 16 album relased on Darla Records. "Escaping the Game Grid" and "Intro" come from Technicolor's debut release, One Touch Test Strip, released on Fuzzy Box Records. "Hello, How Are You?" is the offspring of a collaboration with Figurine member James Figurine and is featured on Technicolor's latest offering, a four-song EP titled A1C EP, released on Dogprint Records.