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Tea Freaks

Dave Ralph, the man behind the Tea Freaks mask, is the present toast of the British techno scene. Ralph has humble, manky roots as a kid who started DJing at his local Liverpool youth club, cutting his teeth on Supertramp, Kool & The Gang, Rush, and Tangerine Dream. And now he's got the renowned Paul Oakenfold touting his "unique style and taste" and calling him "one of the best British DJs." He is also a club favorite in New York.

Like many producers of dance music whom time has honored, Ralph has made his living in just about every niche in the music industry: record store grunt, mobile DJ, club jock, promoter, manager, A&R. The listener who knows and loves Ralph for his mixing will find more of what they like in the tracks of his own design: lush, flowing synth washes, tight rhythms, classic trance motifs, and undeniable energy. Ralph's tracks are the cream of contemporary European techno. Would we expect anything less from the British? OK, don't answer that.

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