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Tarwater, aka Bernd Jestram and Ronald Lippok, have been making music together for a while now, starting years ago in a punk band under the wary eye of the East German secret police. More recently, Tarwater has effected a more subtle subversion, garnering praise for the album Silur, which combines song structures with spoken-word fragments and sub-aquatic electronics. Most of the mixes on the Remix EP were sourced from Silur. Their 2000 release, the surreal, creepily ambient Animals, Suns, & Atoms, picks up right where Silur left off with its detached vocals (see "All of the Ants Left Paris") and cool hypnotic loops.

Along with fellow travelers Mouse on Mars, To Rococo Rot, and Kreidler, Tarwater is creating some of the most adventurous sounds to come out of Germany since the heyday of Krautrock.