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Takagi Masakatsu

Born in the late '70s, Japan's Takagi Masakatsu is a seasoned audio/visual pioneer whose work has been projected and played in galleries and clubs throughout Europe, the United States, and the Pacific Rim. Mr. Masakatsu trots the globe collecting audio wild track and visual footage for sequencing in his state-of-the-art Silicom studio. Pia, his '00 debut for NYC's Carpark Records, features an array of interesting sounds -- sampled from human beings, nature, and environments -- to which he adds his own ambient textures. Available in both DVD and CD formats, Masakatsu's '02 follow up, Opus Pia, features sounds and images he captured on the road in countries such as Nepal, Cuba, the U.S., France, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and Japan. Featuring his girlfriend Shinako on vocals, the album explores the tiny miracles of everyday life.

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