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Tagging Satellites

Onetime New Sweet Breath, main man Graig Markel has now turned his full attention to Tagging Satellites. This band's first album was a dark, sewn-together parade of nonstop sludgey pornographic loops. Tagging Satellites' debut full-length, Shooting down the Airwaves, is guaranteed to make you feel dirty inside and out. Singer Zera Marvel's low, agitated voice meanders dangerously through the guitar sludge, tape loops, feedback, and bass rumble, like a slithering snake about to thrust its fangs into your neck. There's nothing pretty about this record, but it is beautiful.

Tagging Satellites' second album Abstract Confessions was considerably more cohesive and polished than their debut, offering a far less crippling feel that remains moody and dark while allowing melody to take priority on tracks like "Distance and Distraction," "Five Star Memory," and "Summer Will Come Again." Released in 2002, the group's third album is an even further step into elegance and melody. There's still a very introspective and dark tone on One Night Falls, but it's more refined and delicate, capturing a song style that seems to hit the mark more than ever before.

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