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Tadd Mullinix

Ann Arbor-based producer Tadd Mullinix draws on an incredibly varied musical background in creating his lush, sublimely orchestrated, frenetic yet peaceful abstract techno. A classically trained cellist, Mullinix grew thinking a lot about the formal ideas of music theory, even while responding viscerally to the energy and humor of hip hop and punk. These opposed approaches collide in Mullinix's bizarrely entrancing electronic compositions, which also often recall the glitchy flavor of the pioneering artists in the Warp stable. His music features a melodic complexity and tendency toward certain sonic choices that reflects his classical training. Yet his bombastic, pulverized beats, playful progressions, and sleek urban style are informed more by the popular musical idioms he grew up listening to.

Mullinix debuted his twittery, melodic aesthetic with his excellent 2001 album Winking Makes a Face, the first full-length released by the eclectic Ann Arbor electronic label Ghostly International. He went on to release the Panes EP one year later. Mullinix also records hip hop-flavored abstract electronic as Dabrye, experimental techno as James Cotton, and ragga/jungle as SK-1.

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