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T. Darby

T. Darby has definitely been living and breathing music for quite some time now. It all started back in his college days in Tallahassee, Florida, where his reputation for successful spinning at local events attracted the attention of some of the clubs in town. Before long, several clubs offered Darby the opportunity to run their nights.

From '89-'92 Darby worked as a DJ/Promoter for such classics as Late Night Library, Club 506, Club Park Ave., and late night at Echo, plus he held residencies at The Louver and Metropolis. After graduating in '92 he moved to Orlando to continue his education and put together what came to be known as Tree House Records.

Darby was wowed by Full Sail Recording Arts School, and quickly enrolled to further pursue his musical agenda. He is now both a club DJ and an instructor at Full Sail, teaching MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) production and DAW (digital audio workstation a.k.a. ProTools) production. When he spins, he works the crowd with an eclectic mixture of house, disco, and funk.

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