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sync, synthetic

The tracks of sync, synthetic are like random entries scrawled in an unkempt, undated laboratory log spattered with blood and WD-40. The perpetrating evil genius is one Claus Muzak, a twisted college graduate (philosophy and computer science) who takes guilty pleasure in torturing and humiliating electronic devices and recording their plaintive cries of terror while their circuits are still exposed and vulnerable. Muzak expresses his warped vision of austere downtempo and techno in the painful anguished cries and heartbeats of altered, amputated drum machines and synthesizers, in much the same way as an Inquisitor expresses his religious zeal in the torture and suffering of his victims. "Velikobritaniya" is Muzak's dissertation on original research and dissection performed by his Estonian comrade il_ya. "Balance," "Fences," and "Phit" are all taken from the full-length project, Pore.

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