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Since releasing his first record Trance Jazz as Exodus Quartet in '91, John Selway has produced over 40 releases under assorted pseudonyms for numerous labels. You may recognize his work on Detroit label Direct Drive under the name Disintegrator, on Richie Hawtin's highly regarded Plus 8 imprint as Octaves, or on Deep Dish as Moods. He has perfected every style from robust dance floor techno to subtle complex electro to deep groovy house. More recently he has teamed up with Swedish techno producer Christian Smith for outings on Tronic, Primate, and Dave Angel's own Rotation label.

As Synapse, the pseudonym he reserves for his own Serotonin label, Selway drops into slinky new-millennium electro mode. "Stealing Science," signed by Cowboy Spliff for Tony Thorpe's nu-school breaks and electro compilation Electric Kingdom, shows why John Selway has received such critical accolades. Well-processed effects and darting synths caress driving electro breaks and a low rumbling bass. Once again, Selway proves himself a leader in his field.

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