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Sweetbelly Freakdown

Sweetbelly Freakdown's history extends way, way back to mid-'80s Washington D.C. and to Swiz, one of the most original and aggressive hardcore bands in the scene. After Swiz broke up, its members went their separate ways for a while, exploring other passions and playing in other bands (including Severin, Fury, and Bluetip). But in the summer of 1996, the former members of Swiz reconvened as Sweetbelly Freakdown. Rabid Swiz fans were able to dry their eyes and face the world again, confident that the future of hardcore would not be stagnant.

The featured song, "The Long Haul," is from Sweetbelly Freakdown's 1997 self-titled, J. Robbins-recorded album on Jade Tree records. It originally appeared as the B-side of Sweetbelly's first seven-inch. Dave Stern's rumbling bass, Jason Farrell's murky guitar, Alex Daniels's precise drums, and Shawn Brown's urgent vocals recall the manic, angry power of Big Black coupled with that of a 10-megaton nuclear warhead. It's raw, gritty, and absolutely essential for even the most casual fan of hardcore, punk, or passion.

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