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Jamaican-born Omar Clemetson has been making music in his hometown of Miami for the better part of a decade. Drawing on the various musical influences present in that part of the country (everything from dub reggae to electro funk and hip hop), he rocks the beats with uncanny depth and character. His brave and innovative production skills have landed his work on labels such as Moonshine Music and Bottom Heavy Recordings. More recently he has produced a number of tracks for Jungle Sky Records and has put together the Soma-Rasa series on his own Metatronix label, which comes correct with remix work by Ninja Tune affiliate DJ Vadim.

Kraftwerk's oft-admired classic "Tour De France" provided Clemetson the inspiration to begin making electronic music. He has since combined that initial influence with a blend of sounds that reflect the diverse ethnic influences of his home city. The backbone of "Giant Birdz" is a dub reggae bassline, over which he stitches a rich tapestry of abstract electronic effects and wildly complex breaks. Very reminiscent of releases on the Warp label. Supersoul should appeal to fans of Autechre, Red Snapper, and Plaid.

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