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Super XX Man

Sometimes it seems like everyone has a side project (at least one), and Silver Scooter frontman Scott Garred is no exception. While his main band, an Austin, Texas indie trio, crafts clean, glossy guitar pop, as a solo artist Garred does something quite similar, but in a folky singer/songwriter vein. While musically this may not be as exciting as Garred's Marvel Comicsesque alter ego might lead you to expect, it is pleasingly intimate and warm stuff. Garred actually started working as Super XX Man in his Pullman, Washington bedroom back around 1995, before Silver Scooter got started, drawing inspiration from the folk music he grew up on for his four-track recordings. After relocating to Austin and teaming up with his Scooter buddies, Garred continued to record as Super XX Man. His catalogue includes a pair of self-released cassettes from the mid-'90s, Volume I and Volume II, a seven-inch, Volume III (Peek-A-Boo, 1997), and a full-length CD, Volume IV (Peek-A-Boo, 2000). Garred's unassuming recordings, made at home with guitars, a ukelele, some keyboards, some drums, and a little help from his friends, don't dazzle you right away, but their country-scented warmth creeps up on you, casting a golden sheen over your day.

The glistening "And I Again" and the sweet miss-you ditty "Waiting for Your Return" both come from Super XX Man's debut full-length, Volume IV, and appear courtesy of Tiny Telephone.