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Czech trio Sunshine toured the U.S. in 1998 in support of their then-new GSL album, Hysterical Stereo Loops, Beats and Bloody Lips, which consists of seven volatile songs of psychedelic noise-punk. "Astral Love" is their first new release since then; a provocative, pulsating reworking of a track originally released on a Day After Records split single with Julia in 1996. At seven minutes long, the song was hardly suited to a seven-inch, and the sub-standard recording on the split didn't exactly help matters either. "Astral Love" was revised, refined, and perfected over their 30 nights in America and recorded immediately upon their return to Europe; it shimmers with the methodical, precarious tension and tidal psychedelics of early Echo and The Bunnymen (circa "Broke My Neck"), the angular, jagged funk of Gang of Four (a la "At Home He's a Tourist"); the neo-sexual peculiarity of vintage Sex Gang Children and The Cure; and the post-hardcore sensibility of The VSS.

Having completed their epic, Sunshine handed the finished product over to Czech DJs Bit Bob and Toxicky Boom who, between them, have contributed three entirely dissimilar drum and bass variations on the "Astral Love" theme.

Sunshine recorded the Velvet Suicide album in 1999 while in Berkeley. The album is more raw and straight forward punk rock than before. The glam/goth electronics still remain, but they are settled into a stripped-down garage rock sound.

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