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Since the musical territory that some DJs used to hesitatingly call 'trip hop' for lack of a handy reference has become an international cultural and corporate phenomenon, the historic truth about said musical territory has lost all hope of being understood. Nearly all truly ground-breaking hip hop records that have changed the game for all to come after, from the first albums of Run DMC, Public Enemy or Cypress Hill to The Roots' all-time classic Things Fall Apart have been 'trippy', exploring sounds and styles less travelled and tweaking the very definition of the art form.

Enter SunnMoonSekt from Oakland, CA. The "Sekt" venture forth lyrically from the urban here-and-now to the deepest Freudian recesses of the mind, on a magic carpet ride of beats and samples that make Portishead and Tricky sound like The Carpenters by comparison. Can you handle the trip?

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