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Sully is Becke Gainforth's vocals, ethereal and airborne. Her lyrical technique adds to that out-of-body feeling, her vocals often a mishmash of sounds rather than specific words. As Gainforth explains it, "Our music is very expressive in itself and I find it completely unnecessary to sing about redundant topics such as love and broken hearts. I prefer to create a vague message that anyone can interpret rather than a specific incident."

Sully is about caustic, intense jams created by five people reverent and focused on the music that they make: sweeping moments of calm that suddenly burst into collected, cathartic mayhem. Over the course of their two releases -- '95s self-titled disc and '99s I Have Much To Report -- the group has garnered considerable praise as well as considerably extreme reactions over their music.

Sully's music is difficult to explain, yet I Have Much To Report perfectly captured the band's intentions. They knew what they wanted from their record going in. The Ottawa-based group co-produced the disc with B!ron Wong (My Brilliant Beast) in four different studios (Sound Of One Hand, Umbrella Sound, Digital, and Sully's own home studio).

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