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Los Angeles is a hotbed of drum and bass production in the U.S., and is also home to SubCode, an accomplished producer who has made his mark with releases on highly regarded homegrown labels Thermal and Sound Sphere. His colorful musical history takes in membership of a rock band, and techno production for Randy Sills of Moonshine Music (resulting in a #17 spot in the Billboard dance charts), however it wasn't until '95 that he was first bitten by the jungle bug. A few nights out at longstanding L.A. drum and bass club Science, and the fever set in permanently.

L.A. label Sound Sphere, run by prominent producer/DJ E-Sassin, was the first to pick up his sound, and Thermal Recordings in San Francisco was quick to follow. "Forcefield" incorporates SubCode's signature sound manipulation from the menacing bassline to the corrosive synths. A devilishly deep and dark sonic bomb, for fans of Andy C, Ant Miles, Ed Rush and Optical.

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