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SubArachnoid Space

Releasing an average of one album a year since its inception in 1996, San Francisco based SubArachnoid Space are as prolific as they are talented. They've put out albums on Strange Attractors Audio House, Charnel Music, Unit Circle Records, September Gurls, and Elsie & Jack, and released a limited split 12-inch with Bardo Pond on Camera Obscura. The band's lineup changes at a rate that rivals its output, a factor likely responsible for keeping all those instrumental albums from becoming repetitive.

Having no need for vocals, SubArachnoid creates long, dark, and wailing instrumental pieces that sound like meticulous hemorrhages, their melodic flow spilling grandly but only to designated places. Riding the bass with a momentum that plasters you to your seat, the music drives smoothly but low to the ground; during climax after climax, you can feel the gears shift as the songs take care not to disrupt the fragile workings of the region of the brain the band is named after (you weren't thinking of spiders now, were you?). SubArachnoid Space's sound may be psychedelic, but with its tight control over its bounding intensity, the music offers a sense of destination bears no resemblance to the drug-addled hippie kids who come to mind with the genre's mention.