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After pursuing innovative solo work for years, the trio of Nigel Ayers (the mastermind behind Nocturnal Emissions), Robin Storey (formerly of Zoviet France and currently recording as Rapoon), and Randy Greif became enamoured of the notion of passing on original sound sources to one another in order to reach a communal voice. Drawing from each of their investigations into deep hypnotic patterns, the resulting triptych, entitled Oedipus Brain Foil, is a successful conclusion to a fascinating process: a lush, abstract dreamscape with undercurrents of earthen decay.

The first entry is Nails Of Pious Bride, wherein Robin Storey takes on Randy Greif's source material. "Seven Day Galaxy" finds the elements from Greif's vocal deconstructions buried in a thick spectral haze, as if they were hallucinated animistic spirits muttering just beyond comprehension.

The second disc, Perfidious Albion, is the result of Nigel Ayers reworking the material of Robin Storey. Storey's scratchy sampled loops -- the trademark sound for Zoviet France and early Rapoon -- emerge on "Spiritually Appraising Things" and remain the only static factor amidst Ayers's amorphous washes of distant organs.

The final chapter of the triptych is called Build A Poison Fire. It features Randy Greif's morphology on Nigel Ayers's sounds. "Stochastic Motion" lives up to its name with a sharply repeating loop draped with a gauze woven of splintered ringing bells, ending up quite similar to the classic minimalism in Steve Reich's phase patterns.