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Sterling has been engaging Chicago audiences for a few years with their avant-garde soundtrack-style performances. In the course of refining their sound and redefining their lineup, Sterling has started touring regularly and releasing music. The current lineup includes Eric Chaleff on guitar, Jim DelFosse playing piano and guitar, and drummer Tony Lazzara of Atombombpocketknife.

The bass position has been filled by a number of interesting musicians, including Al Burian of Milemarker, Craig Ackerman of Lustre King and Abilene, who contributed to the group's 2003 self-titled album, as well as Rob Doran of The Alkaline Trio and Robert Lowe of the The 90 Day Men. Original bassist Dan Spack plays on the group's first album Murderer. Sterling's debut album was released by an upstart Chicago label called Swey Records which closed down soon after the album was released. Sterling found a proper curator in File 13 Records for their self-titled second album. The quartet has always grappled a rigid artistic aesthetic without ever letting go. Their sophomore release pairs baroque instrumentalism with crushing rock. Their dark pieces mix well-studied composition with challenging and conceptual artistry that is pretty indescribeable, so just listen.