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Steb Sly

With so much lowest-common-denominator dance music being released by the money hungry major labels, it is really refreshing to hear music that is produced from the heart. You can tell that this is the case with the music of Steve Sim -- aka Steb Sly -- as soon as you put the needle to the record, laser to the disc or, in our case, pointer to the play button. Sim hails from Vancouver, Canada, the land of Nordic Trax, Leaf Recordings , and Sugarshack Records. By day he produces music and sound effects for the likes of Nintendo and Electronic Arts, from his base at Studio X Labs. By night he peruses the city in search of fresh musical inspiration, taking in acts as diverse as Grooverider, Derrick Carter, and Mr. Miu Miu himself -- Stacey Pullen. In addition to his production as Steb Sly, Sim also produces and works his scratching magic for hip hop collective Freshbread. Steve Sim is a star in the making, check him out now.

Under the Steb Sly guise, Sim produces an eclectic blend of deep Detroit techno, blunted downtempo, and subtle electro grooves. "Believe" is produced to the standard of the Detroit masters Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, and Derrick May, and would feel at home on Transmat, Metroplex, or KMS -- it really is that good. "Do You Remember" is also inspired by the subterranean Motor City scene, although this time it leans more towards the style of Mike Banks et al. Underground Resistance would be proud of this one. Sim breaks the mould for "Stebaphonic" by moving into loose breakbeat territory.

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