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Spatula is an eclectic Chapel Hill, North Carolina trio whose members wend their ways through an incredibly wide variety of material -- some of it hectic and helter-skelter, some of it cool and composed -- often in the course of a single song. Their primarily instrumental experimental rock sound seems to be one of a group struck dumb by the emptiness of today's sprawling postindustrial, megalopolitan landscape, capable only of squeezing brooding, disjointed musical patterns and shapes from their instruments. Their newest record, Under the Veil of Health, ranges from klezmer-like pieces to a Captain Beefheart tribute to epic compositions of wandering, busy guitars.

The band started out back in 1993 with a split seven-inch that came inside a copy of Stay Free! magazine. They added a second in 1994 for the then Durham-based The New Sound label. Since those modest beginnings they've continued to expand on their sound through the course of two records on the Jesus Christ labels, and today they are grouped with the cream of the U.S. experimental rock crop. The songs on Veil emerged from the sessions that produced Medium Planers and Matchers, their last Jesus Christ full-length, Medium Planers and Matchers, and are augmented by some four-track recordings.

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