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Spacetribe is Australian Ollie Wisdom, a global traveller, founder of the Spacetribe family, and also a DJ. Wisdom hails from the jungles of Queensland, Australia. He's truly a pulsating pioneer of the Aussie Aboriginal trance persuasion.

His fourth album, 2000 O.D., features a selection of nine out-there dancefloor tracks. Consistent edge-cutting hyper trance is the name of the game here. Tight hard-trance kicks and snappy acoustic breakbeats intersect in full flow with swinging basslines, meta-cosmic pads and screaming guitars. The tracks carry great momentum fused into a compulsive dance experience. Spacetribe samples various Aldous Huxley lectures in tracks like "Turn Off Your Mind..." Wisdom will guide you into his shamanic realm, conveying his message loud and clear. If music is about expanding consciousness, Spacetribe will expand your mind and spirit.

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