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Sounds From the Ground

Elliot Morgan-Jones and Nick Woolfson formed Sounds From The Ground in late '95, at the peak of the ambient dub movement in the U.K. This movement boasts the likes of Orb, Zion Train, System 7, and the The Future Sound Of London. From their Jamm studios in Central London, the pair construct complex psychedelic soundscapes for both the muddy outdoor festival floor and the blunted headphone aficionado. Their debut album Kin was well received in both Europe and the States and led to a number of licensing deals, most notably with Coldcut's N-Tone label and Beyond Records' Ambient Dub collections.

The follow-up to Kin, released on Waveform as Mosaic in the U.K. and as Terra Firma in the U.S., features nine tracks of sophisticated ambient dub. The opening track, "Treasure" is a well-produced, electronic-dub fusion that would sound perfect on a loud system, on a hot day, in a field of green. Choice.

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